For maximum flexibility and lifting capacity within a workspace, workstation cranes can be a great choice. Some operations, such as painting lines, require moving the load along a linear path. One or more hoists lift loads and move them straight down a single beam mounted on a vertical support structure. This is known as a freestanding monorail crane.

For operations that require moving loads in all directions, a freestanding bridge crane is often used. A horizontal beam carrying the hoist rolls along two support beams mounted to a four-post structure, allowing workers to lift and move loads anywhere within the structure.

For buildings with limited floor space, a ceiling-mounted bridge crane is a great solution. In this case, the crane is mounted to the ceiling with no structure on the ground. This allows workers to move forklifts and other machinery without any obstructions.

At, we consult with our customers to provide the right solution for their specific needs. All of our workstation cranes are built to order based on customer requirements. We offer capacities from 1/8 to 20 tons with an unlimited range of configurations to choose from. Contact us today.

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