Lever Hoists

Lever Chain Hoists are an incredible tool used frequently in rigging, lifting, and horizontal pulling applications.  They are an economical way to lift and secure heavy loads without the need for electricity.  We carry a wide variety of lever hoists to choose from for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Lever chain hoists are often referred to by different names such as lever pull hoists, pull lifts or pull hoists. They have been applied to lifting applications by many different industries over many years. Lever chain hoists can be tailored by manufacturers for use in subsea, explosive, entertainment and other environments. Lever chain hoists are lightweight and frequently used as a toolbox lifting device. Despite their light weight, such hoists are made from quality steel and are very durable, hence their use in oil and gas applications among many more industries.

Lever chain hoists can lift, pull, tension and hold loads. The height of a lever chain hoist’s capability can be adjusted to suit customer requirements. They are commonly used when a user has a need to raise a load to where they are operating the hoist using the lever. Features include an ergonomic handle to facilitate comfortable operation with the user’s hand. Such hoists can be suspended using a beam clamp.

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