Trolleys and Beam Clamps

Our manual and electric trolleys will safely move your your hoist horizontally so you can accurately position your load for lifting.

Beam clamps are available in a variety of sizes for making steel-to-steel connections, eliminating the requirement for drilling, welding or other attachment techniques. Clamping is a common technique for setting up a temporary lifting application quickly, efficiently and safely. Different types of beam clamp include beam clamp with shackle, fixed jaw beam clamp with shackle, universal beam clamp, adjustable clamps, scissor clamps, beam anchors and more, including those tailored for specific applications and industry specifications. Clamps are provided with locking mechanisms offering the user added peace of mind when lifting materials. Beam clamps are adjustable and can be connected to a variety of steel girders but users should select a clamp that meets their capacity requirements. If a user wants to lift a 6-ton load they might choose a 10-ton capacity clamp. Often a number of beam clamp units of the same type will be used on a safe lifting application at various points of a beam. Beam clamps are not limited to lifting applications and steel on steel connections are common in a variety of industries wherever it is advantageous to avoid drilling and welding to I-beams, channels and wide flange beams, for example.

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