Jib Cranes

Companies in industries such as manufacturing, welding, and sheet metal fabrication need a way to move heavy loads easily, quickly, and safely within small work areas. Fixed overhead lifting devices such as jib cranes are optimal for this purpose.

No matter how large or small your operation and lifting needs, Chainhoist.com has the jib crane to meet your requirements.

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Jib cranes are fairly simple in terms of design: a single horizontal arm swiveling on a vertical support beam carries a lifting crane apparatus to lift loads anywhere within reach of the arm. Floor-mounted jib cranes are highly versatile: if mounted a sufficient distance from any walls or obstructions, they can have 360° mobility within a workspace. Pillar-mounted jib cranes, which have a stronger mounting attachment within the structure's foundation, can offer the same range of movement with increased lifting capacity.

Cantileered or wall mounted jib cranes attach to a building's vertical support beam and rotate 180°. This mounting configuration allows for maximum floor space.

  • Range of weight capacities available, ranging from 1/8 ton to 5 tons
  • Choose from a range of arm lengths, running from 6' to 24' with various heights to choose from depending on the type of crane

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