Electric Chain Hoists

Companies in numerous industries - particularly manufacturing sectors such as welding, machine shops and sheet metal fabrication—need a way to move exceptionally heavy loads within their manufacturing facilities easily, quickly, safely and using a minimum number of people. Electric chain hoists from ChainHoist.com can be the answer. Mount overhead on a rotating arm or girder for easy access and quick, safe movement of the heaviest objects within your warehouse or facility. Unlike manual hoists, electric hoists allow your crews to lift and relocate loads in seconds rather than minutes.

No matter how large or small your operation and lifting needs, ChainHoist.com has the electric chain hoist on hand to meet your needs, in stock and ready to ship.

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Typically industrial applications provide three-phase power but where single-phase power is all that is available, single-phase electric chain hoists are required. They are operated with an independent power source close to the lifting application. Like other hoists, single-phase electric chain hoists are used to lift a variety of loads. Manufacturers often promote both single and three-phase hoists to suit different applications. Such hoists are available with overload protection.

  • Range of weight capacities available, ranging from 1/8 ton to 20 tons
  • Lift payloads up to 200' with additional chain capacity
  • Crane controls are very intuitive and simple to operate: lift and lower loads with the push of a button
  • Use in combination with any number of aftermarket lifting accessories, such as chains or straps, to move heavy objects easily
  • Multispeed hoists available for gradual or quick lifting movement as needed
  • Single-phase and three-phase hoists available depending on available power infrastructure

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