Chainhoist.com is a proud distributor of high-performance Elephant brand electric, air, and hand chain hoists, lever hoists, trolleys and beam clamps, and plate lifters. Projects all over the world rely on their strong use and cutting-edge features used to get the job done. Capacities for electric chain hoists range from ¼ to 5 tons, air hoists range from ¼ to 10 tons, and hand chain hoists from 1.6 to 50 tons. Contact us today to order your Elephant products!

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Advantages of Elephant Lifting Products:

  • Galvanized chains
  • Chain links follow DIN 5684 standards
  • Chains are made of grade 105 steel
  • Tough, Heavy-Duty Motor
  • Saves cost and energy with lower power consumption
  • For cleanroom applications, Elephant hoists comply with ISO V grade
  • Air chain hoists follow ATEX Divisions 1 and 2 for safe applications under harsh conditions
  • Hand chain hoists fit needs for a variety of temperature, weights and adheres to many world standards depending on which product
  • Clamps are provided with locking mechanisms for a peace of mind
  • Beam clamps are adjustable and can be connected to a variety of steel girders

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