Super Duty Kontrol-Karrier - 2500 Lb. Capacity

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Manufacture Part Number 185XGR
Brand Morse
Estimated Ship Time 1-2 Weeks
Super Duty Kontrol-Karrier - 2500 lb. Capacity

Morse Super-Duty below-hook drum carrier enables drum pouring at or above your reach. You control drum tilting 360 in either direction. Dispense drum contents with your hoist or crane. Even lift and invert your drum with drum faucet in place.

This Super-Duty drum carrier has a pull chain to control the drum tilt with a 150:1 worm gear speed reducer and "Super-Duty" rating.

Model 185XGR - Super-Duty Below-Hook Drum Carrier with 2500 Lb. (1134 kg) capacity.

Model 185XMGR adds spark resistant parts to reduce the possibility of mechanical sparks. Call for pricing.


  • 2500 Lb. (1134 kg) full 55-gallon steel drum (208 liter steel drum)
  • 1250 Lb. (567 kg) for a half-full* 55-gallon steel drum (210 liter steel drum)

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