Stationary Drum Rollers - Double

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Manufacture Part Number 2-5154-1
Brand Morse
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Double Stationary Drum Roller

Rotating drums to mix or blend material inside a closed drum saves time, labor and money. Rotate a drum to mix the contents, and ensure homogeneity with less hazards. Remix settled or stratified ingredients. Raise and redistribute solids that have settled during shipping and storage.

Features of Morse Stationary Drum Rollers

  • Drum rolls on 4 drive and 4 idler wheels
  • Roll Drums with:
    • 6" to 28" (15 to 71 cm) diameter
    • Up to 40" (102 cm) tall

Models are available with fixed or variable drum rotating speeds. Variable Speed Stationary Drum Rollers

Rotate your drum at any speed from 1 to 30 RPM. Select the best speed for each material. Enables you to use high speed for initial mixing, then low speed for prolonged agitation.

Variable speed drum rollers are ideal for experimental use or where you need to blend a variety of materials.

Capacity of Variable Speed Stationary Drum Rollers:

  • Liquid Load: 1000 Lb. (455 kg)

  • Dry Load Varies

    • 400 Lb. (182 kg) at 1 to 10 RPM
    • 300 Lb. (136 kg) at 20 RPM
    • 250 Lb. (113 kg) at 30 RPM

Fixed Speed Stationary Drum Rollers. Roll a 22.5" diameter drum 20 RPM. The 20 RPM speed is effective for mixing most liquids.Capacity of Fixed Speed Stationary Drum Rollers:

  • Liquid Load: 1000 Lb. (455 kg)
  • Dry Load: 300 Lb. (136 kg) at 20 RPM

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