Standard Duty Kontrol-Karrier - 800 Lb. Capacity

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Manufacture Part Number 185A
Brand Morse
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Standard Duty Kontrol-Karrier - 800 lb. Capacity

    Morse Standard Duty Kontrol-Karrier - 800-lbs. Capacity - Features:

    • Attaches to your hoist or crane for quick, sure below-hook drum handling
    • Provides controlled high-level pouring above your reach
    • Allows 360 degree drum tilt control in both directions
    • Saves time, reduces waste, and improves productivity
    • Model 185AM has spark resistant parts- CALL FOR QUOTE
    • Have chain wheel controlled tilt with 30:1 gear ratio and safety cover
    • Stand upright on new foot support
    • Handle drum with drum faucet in place
    • 800-lbs. full drum capacity, 500-lbs. half-full drum capacity

    Models 185A and 185AM:

    • MORcinch automatically adjusts for 22" to 23-1/2" diameter drum
    • Accepts Diameter Adaptors for your smaller drum
    • Bolt-on Top Rim Clamp or Bracket Assembly to handle plastic drum or more securely handle fiber drum
    • Includes a flexible cover on the cinch chain to help protect the sidewall of your drum
    • Incorporates alloy cinch chain and durable stress relief weld joints
    • Model 185AM- CALL FOR QUOTE

    Model 185G:

    • 3-piece drum holder is designed to securely hold a 55-gallon ribbed steel drum with 22-1/2" outside diameter between the ribs
    • Accepts Diameter Adaptor for 19" diameter drum
    • Bolt-on Top Rim Clamp Option
    • Bracket Assembly Option for a plastic or fiber drum

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