Harrington Lever Hoist Rentals

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Manufacture Part Number RENT3H
Brand Harrington


The lever hoist, also know as the come along, is a versatile, portable tool used for lifting, pulling, stretching, fastening or dragging. It can be used in all angled positions, even upside down. It's ideal for use in tight corners, as well.

  • 0.75 ton to 9 ton capacities
  • Large stocks available for rental
  • Test certificates supplied
  • Guaranteed for safety

Check List

  • What capacity do you need?
  • What height of lift is required?
  • What is required to suspend it from?
  • Do you require slings or shackles?
  • Do you need a test certificate on site?
  • Will any other equipment be required to ease or speed up the job?

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