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2 Ton Elephant SA Series 5 FPM 115v Single Phase

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The Elephant Lifting SA Series hoist is a single-speed, single-phase electric chain hoist with a hook mount, and a 0.61-horsepower insulated motor with a 115V/60Hz power input. It is fully enclosed within a powder-coated steel plate housing. The hoist's motor is insulated to resist heat damage and has an electronic thermal protector that senses an increase in the motor's temperature, or if it has run too long, and shuts the motor off until fully cooled. The plug-in cord on this hoist is designed to connect to the MTS series motorized hoist trolley (sold separately) without requiring electrical work for plug-and-play mobility.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Tough, Heavy-Duty Motor
  • Reliable Electro-Magnetic DC Brake
  • Highly durable load chain manufactured in Japan by Elephant
  • Totally Enclosed Steel Plate Construction
  • Durable top and bottom hooks
  • Bottom hook with bearing smoothly swivels, 360°. In the event of an overload, the hook gradually elongates.  This elongation serves as an indicator to the end user, making them aware of the overload.
  • Chain Bucket Hard plastic
  • Limit switch Standard feature
  • Our new Torcon overload protection device is a slip clutch style.  In the event of an overload, the device actuates and prevents the hoist from continuing to lift. This mechanism protects the hoist from damage.
  • Single phase class B insulation with a short time duty of 25 minutes
  • Thermal protector – senses abnormal rise in temperatures within the motor and automatically shuts the motor down to prevent damage.
  • Optional Motorized Trolleys
  • MTS series motorized trolley, single phase, for combination with the SA electric chain hoists. 1/4t ~ 1 ton only.
  • Trolleys come with pivoting adapter for hook to hook type suspension or lug type suspension
  • Wiring – Simple Plug-In Type Connection