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800lb RAZE RZMSP Series 7 FPM 115v Single Phase

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Features and benefits include:

1. New design and light body;

2. The protection grade of the motor rotor is IP55;

3. Brakes: Disc DC electromagnetic brakes, with large braking torque, smooth and rapid braking, and low noise;

4. The contact type upper and lower limit switches are safe and reliable;

5. All electrical components of contactors, transformers and terminals are closed with a block type;

6. Protection class lP55;

7. The clutch bearing adopts powder metallurgy library wiper, which has good heat dissipation and long service life;

8. The castor box is made of PE polyethylene, which is odorless, impactless, and feels like a grandma;

9. The machine body uses commercial strength aluminum alloy. Thin-wall extrusion molding is made in orange dense, commercial pressure die-casting to avoid the formation of pores during the forming process. Raise the strength of the body, reduce the appearance of cocoon;

10. When the motor is running, the noise is low (measured at the rated electric frequency and rated lifting, the noise is ≤82 dB).