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3 Ton CM Tornado 360 Series

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Redefining lever-operated hoists, the CM® Tornado 360°™ features the revolutionary Sidewinder™ lever handle that allows for efficient operation in both lifting and pulling applications. Ergonomically designed for increased safety, the patent-pending CM Tornado 360° lets the operator to work up to 12 times faster and with as much as 30% less pull force than with conventional ratchet lever tools.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • This first-of-its-kind lever handle design will revolutionize the ratchet lever hoist industry. Its unique foldable handle and 360° rotating lever increases productivity while reducing the risk of operator injury
  • Easy-to-use, highly visible directional indicator located on the handle clearly shows the operating direction as lifting, lowering or neutral.
  • For quick take up and positioning of slack chain - even with one hand. Designed not to accidently free chain while under load. Cast chain end stop allows the user to easily position the chain in free-chaining mode and prevents it from entering the liftwheel and jamming the hoist
  • Enclosed Weston-type brake stays clean and dry for precise load positioning
  • Lightweight aluminum housing withstands rigorous use and features high-quality, long-lasting bearings. Powder coat finish provides extra protection in harsh environments