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2 Ton Cantilevered Wall Mounted Jib Crane

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List Price: $2,497.00
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MPN: CW408
Advantage Cranes

Provide hoist coverage and 200 degree rotation for individual use in bays, along walls, or columns of plants, or as a supplement to an overhead crane or monorail system. This jib has the advantage of providing maximum lift for the hoist, since it can be installed very close to the underside of the lowest ceiling obstruction. It is composed of a vertical mast mounted to 2 brackets on a wall or vertical building beam with a boom that cantilevers out, perpendicular from the wall at the top.

Additional features and benefits include:

-Capacity up to 3 Ton

-Spans up to 25’

-I Beam Construction

-Low Headroom design

-Rugged Teflon bushings